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Napoleon Bonaparte
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Found the email? Then it's time to send us your picture. Don't be shy. Dust off that camera, match the picture's pose, pull a funny face, and don't forget to say 'Cheese'. Yup that's right, match the pictures pose. The closer you can get to looking like the pose in the picture itself, the better the end result will be. We can only work from what we can see, so it's important you help us out with this step.

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Seen the videos of Elephants painting on YouTube? Whilst we think it would be awesome to have a plethora of painting pachyderms, we prefer to use real humans to paint your picture. (They're not as smelly, and take up less room).

Our team of artists work hard to ensure that your picture comes out perfect every time, getting the brush strokes just right. Once painted we mail the picture to your door, ready for you (or its recipient) to enjoy.

Napoleon Bonaparte


The Napoleon Bonaparte 18th.me portrait is not just a hand painted replica of the original. No, that wouldn't be any fun! It's refaced with a new picture you provide for his face. We then hand paint your new creation on canvas.

* Please allow 4 weeks for delivery, they need time to dry before shipment.

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